Buck wild things Marshall Bock has said on the Design Details podcast

Episode 403

The Confidence Gradient

Known ignorance is better than assumed knowledge. I’d rather know that I’m dumb than think I’m smart.

Sidebar 435

Working in Public

I’d much rather wake up everyday excited to do my job than wake up and slog just to collect a paycheck.

Episode 396

Career Cheat Codes

Become the person for a thing.

Episode 447

Stranded on Dynamic Island

Computer every 6 (years), watch every 4 (years), and phone every 2 (years).

Episode 425

Overengineering Variants

You know what’s the second best part of a 3-day weekend? It’s a 4-day week.

Episode 260

Mutual Admiration Society

I historically have had a different password for every thing that I use and in order to remember all of those different passwords, I created kind of a formula in my mind that as long as I use my first inclination when slotting elements into that formula, I can remember it whenever I want to.

Episode 261

Reverse Midas

I can mould existing clay but I can't create clay.

Episode 267

Don't Wanna Yuck Anyone's Yum

I don't wanna yuck anyone's yum...

Episode 267

Don't Wanna Yuck Anyone's Yum

You don’t necessarily notice it when it’s on, but you notice it when it’s off.

Episode 398

Proof of Curiosity

Really it’s the difference between someone who can’t turn it off and someone who has to turn it on, y’know what I mean?

Episode 419

Teaching Design at Work

They say when you’re writing a movie or when you’re writing anything, write the bad version first. Just to get it out. Like intentionally, write terrible dialogue, really bad direction, all of that stuff – just get it down there so that you have something to edit. You have clay on the table to mould. It’s hard to get clay on the table but once you have clay on the table it’s easy to push and move around, take some away, put something back in. That original clay you just gotta power through and get it on the table.

Episode 419

Teaching Design at Work

I can vouch for the Lululemon for men I have a pair of pants and Brian, I gotta say, my butt looks fantastic in them. Great pockets inside of pockets, great construction.

Episode 400

Is Software Ever Finished?

Bock's constant – People don't read.

Episode 337

The Metagame of Design

The meta is always changing. The meta is inherently ephemeral.

Episode 298

Designing a Design Curriculum

I think it’s impossible to do a visual redesign without having some sort of user experience implications based on that, right … You can pee without pooping but you can't poop without peeing.

Sidebar 407

Design Mistakes

Chasing the shiny thing doesn’t always pay off and what seems shiny today might not be shiny tomorrow.

Episode 456

Should Designers Name Their Layers?

(on naming layers) Naming conventions should be the diet that you’re on, that doesn’t mean you can't have cheat days y'know but recognise that you’re cheating on those days. The normal thing is the diet, the naming convention - it’s less fun, it’s more work but it's better for you long term. I don't know. That’s how I think about it.

Yo, questions?


I started Josh Comeau's course on React and wanted to put to use whatever I learned. Module 1 covers mapping through data and conditional rendering. I was already maintaining a repository of sorts of things Marshall Bock has said on the Design Details podcast. I mean, how many times I've wanted to quote something as is. So this seemed like a good opportunity to bring those Bockwild quotes – Boquotes? – to everybody.

I have a Boquote, what can I do?

Email me, for now. I'll try and add a form in the future.

What next?

I have a few things in mind. I would wanna take up toggling theme next – I think the UI could be a lil better. And maybe add context to some quotes for people who aren't listeners of the Design Details podcast. I'll tweak things as and when I feel like.

Any fun fact?

A strong contender for the name was "Marshall Matters". All ya Eminem fans, give me a holler, or just diss someone. But c'mon, "Bockwild" just fits. I got the .com domain too. Win-win.

Also, you can hold Option key and inspect elements without opening dev tools – kinda like how we do in Figma. Thanks to Rauno's layout inspection tool, Inspx.